What I Wore: Indian Wedding

As I’m sure you all recall, my best friend got married earlier last month and it was seriously the BEST week ever. For those of you who don’t know, Indian weddings are basically a week long party and the best part is obviously all the outfits. A bunch of you requested to see some details of all my looks for the week, so here it is! Some of the outfits were custom made and/or bought in India, so unfortunately I don’t have exact shopping links for you. However, I’m hoping this will give you guys some good ideas and inspiration when putting together your own looks!

Mendi Night

Mendhi night is traditionally where the brides has her henna done. Because it’s such an elaborate process, usually it’s done the night before and the actual mendhi party is just for all the other wedding guests to get theirs! (Any excuse to party really). I got this beautiful sharara from Sari Palace in Cerritos (they also have a location up north!). I loved the traditional ethnic print and the dark colors for fall. It was by far the most comfortable outfit I wore all week and was a great way to kick off the celebrations!



I did my makeup myself this day and I included links below of the products I used!

Foundation color is Honey Bronze.

Lip color is Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger. You can buy it here.

Sangeet Night

Traditionally on this day, women would get together and sing folk songs to celebrate the upcoming wedding. “Sangeet” means song, so I guess it makes sense! Nowadays it’s basically just a pre-wedding party! This particular outfit I got made in India. I wanted to wear more traditional “wedding” colors. I went with a higher neck on the blouse because I really wanted to wear a long necklace instead of earrings. Fun fact: the necklaces that I’m wearing here are from my wedding day! Hair and make up was done by Varaich Vanity. I wanted to keep my hair up so that my necklace would really pop. We went soft on the eyes with lots of gold/bronze and a bright orange lip to pull the whole look together!


Wedding Day

The bride had custom outfits made for all the bridesmaids. I absolutely loved the mint color and mirror work. It was so beautiful and just enough glam for a morning wedding. My hair/makeup was done by the glam squad the bride had put together for us girls, but I have a couple details below on some accessories I wore and the lip color!

I wore these Schutz gold heels and they were SO comfortable. Definitely worth every penny. And the plus side is that they slip right on, so no fussing with buckles and straps. All the bridesmaids wore the same lip color (Mother), linked here. I put a close up of my makeup below so you could see it’s true color. It’s a new favorite of mine and I’ve been wearing it so often - the perfect true pink. P.S. How gorgeous was my girl on her wedding day? My husband was a groomsmen so we finally got some cute, coordinated pictures together!


Reception Night

This night was obviously my favorite look because…duh. The whole reception had a super dark and sexy vibe, so I had to dress accordingly! This was another incredible find from Sari Palace. Even though it wasn’t super heavy on the sparkles and beads, the whole skirt was black velvet and just so gorgeous, it felt dressy enough just the way it was. Shopping at Sari Palace was such a breeze. They were so great with custom stitching a new blouse for me because I didn’t like the one it came with (and were so patient with me being so picky about how it fits), provided me with a brand new dupatta because I wasn’t happy with the one in the store and steamed the entire outfit for me. The prices honestly can’t be beat.

Glam was again provided by the bride. I went for a way darker look, to match the vibe of my outfit. I went simple with some old Hollywood waves because I thought it would compliment the super dark lip and allow my statement earrings to have a moment. Can we just take a pause to discuss these earrings by the way? They might be the prettiest ones I own. Don’t be surprised if you see me at the grocery store in these because honestly, they’re too pretty not to be worn all the time. Warning: they’re clip on (no idea why) so they can be a little painful after a long night of wearing them. Totally worth it in my opinion haha. Lip color was Kylie Cosmetics in the color Kourt K. I couldn’t find it on her website, but found a similar color here. I think I reapplied maybe once the whole night. Game changer for those of you who love dark lips and also love to eat/drink when you’re out haha.


I had so much fun playing around with different accessories and looks and stepping outside the box of how I normally style my Indian clothes. I know there are so many of you out there that are still in full on wedding season (does it ever really end?) so I hope this post gave you some good outfit inspiration!!

One of the best weeks ever celebrating our favorite people. So much love for this crew.

One of the best weeks ever celebrating our favorite people. So much love for this crew.