The Perfect at Home Manicure with Londontown

Okay ladies, let's talk nails. I'm going to be bold and say it's arguably one of the most important things to maintain on your body because let's face it...they're always showing. Unshaved legs? Jeans. Unwashed hair? Hat. No makeup? Big sunglasses. But there's no escaping bare hands. Okay fine, you can wear gloves. But also....please don't. There's rarely a time in my life when my nails aren't painted. I love being able to match my nails to my outfits (or vice versa) and change up the shades with the seasons. What I do NOT love is the constant upkeep. Serious question for you guys: are you a nail salon person or are you an at home manicure person? I tried for the longest time to be okay with being exclusively a nail salon person. The price point isn't really so bad for a manicure....but what happens when you can't be delicate for the life of you and you chip your nails after a few days? You upgrade to gels. You also upgrade in price. Then comes the time when you want to take your gels off (or you have a dire need to change the color, ha) and you're left with brittle and uneven nails. So now you're out at least $40, your nails are dented and no matter how steady you are with your hands, that DIY manicure is no where near salon quality. Well fear no more you guys, I have a solution for you. I was recently approached for a collaboration by Londontown and in just a few weeks, I'm pretty much hooked. I've been testing out a few of their polishes, in combination with the fortifying ridge filler (which is applied like a base coat) and the protective top coat. The ridge filler is what I was really interested in because my nails took a beating from the gels I'd had on for months prior. To be honest, I didn't have much faith that it was going to make a big difference, but I was really surprised to see that my nails actually did seem more even and once I was done painting, they were completely smooth. Not a dent in sight. The polish was a little less opaque than I would have hoped, but it just required an extra coat to really let the color even out. The top coat is also great. Although I tend to keep my natural nails short anyway, I have definitely noticed less chips than usual. I love that I've been able to find a solution to that weird in-between phase when you're nails are recovering from gels/acrylics, but you still want them to look nice. Also, it's a great way to ensure your DIY manicure will stay intact. I've noticed other top coats, even some from the salon, tend to yellow after a while or just peel right off in one big piece. That was definitely not the case here. I've tested out two of the three colors I got so far and I'm happy to report that I have no complaints. Did I also mention that my nails feel a little less brittle? It's not a 100% cure, but I feel like they're a little bit stronger after a few weeks use. You might have caught a glimpse of the products on my stories, but if you're curious to check out their stuff just head to their website or check them out on Instagram

Disclaimer: These products were provided to me c/o Londontown in exchange for a product review. This by no means compromises the integrity of my content and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Thanks as always for reading!! If you have any questions about the products just e-mail me or leave me a comment below!