The Shirt Dress to Take from Work to Play

You guys know I love me a good dress. It's literally the easiest thing to throw on - no planning, no effort required. I've realized as of late that I've started buying more dresses than anything else...and I'm definitely not mad about it. The dilemma is when I have a fancier dresses that I can't wear out during the day, or a casual dress that's too plain to wear out for date night or a night out. The biggest issue I have though, is with the dresses that I need for work but wouldn't really want to wear otherwise. Sometimes you can't have fashionable and work appropriate. What do I do with them?! I feel like it's just money down the drain and I hate it. I could be spending that money on cute stuff!! Luckily, Equipment has my back because they make the perfect shirt dress that I can wear at any time! I've already worn this dress out during the day, to a bridal shower and for a few work trips. You seriously can't go wrong. They have a few different styles (sleeveless, no buttons down the front, etc) but they're all great quality silk, well fitted and they have the prettiest patterns. I snagged this one a while ago (no longer available online), but I've linked a few similar ones below. For all you 9-5 corporate ladies, Equipment has you covered in the office and the boardroom. For everyone else: just add a cute belt and some sandals and you're ready!