Why I Buy My Coats in the Spring

Coats are more or less a waste of money in Southern California because it's above 75 degrees for the majority of the year. BUT, that still doesn't stop us from buying coats anyway. What if I have to go to a snowy state? Or it rains? Or the temps drop below 75?? It could be a real emergency. Thankfully I've pretty much avoided buying coats at full price for years now. It's all about timing guys. I only buy my winter coats during the transition into spring. Everything is on sale!!! The coats that I was pining over in Oct/Nov are now on sale and the price tag seems way more worth the purchase. While us Californians mainly buy outerwear for aesthetic reasons....this little trick will most definitely come in handy for all of you who actually DO have a need for winter coats. I can only imagine that all those heavy down winter coats that cost you an arm and a leg will be going on some sort of sale as the season transitions....and any discount is a good discount right?? I try to stick to jackets and coats that aren't overly trendy that aren't going to be quick to go out of style. I definitely don't want to be stuck with something I can only wear a couple months out of the year....but is ALSO not in style anymore. Reaching more for classic camel coats, trench coats and anything black, navy, white or gray will definitely get you your money's worth. I bought this BB Dakota jacket off Revolve last year in the April before my trip to Paris and I'm pretty sure it was on sale for under $100. It's a classic black coat that isn't going to be going out of style any time soon, so I've got a black coat staple and at a way less price! Make sure to check all your favorite stores and retailers for all their sales (try not to get distracted by all the new spring stuff haha)...your future winter self will thank you! 

The coat shown here is sold out online and I couldn't find it anywhere, but I did link a few different coats that ARE on sale and are most definitely cuuuuute cute cute. Enjoy!!