Wide Leg Pants for Winter

Everybody knows the best part of the holidays is the food. I live for all the holiday goodies around this time of year. The last three months of the year are basically centered around Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies, hot chocolate, holiday party snacks and allllll the baked goods in between. Wide leg pants are my fool-proof way of staying comfy and making sure I have plenty of room (elastic waistbands FTW!) while indulging throughout the season. To be honest, I think wide leg pants are appropriate no matter what time of year, but when it’s cold outside it’s nice to have options other than sweatpants or jeans. I found this particular pair on sale at Forever 21 over the summer and it was a maaaaajor steal. Like I’m talking $12 steal. It was a total serendipitous find because someone had left it thrown over the rack and it literally fell into my lap when I pulled out a shirt. It was $12 and in my size, and who am I to argue with fate? I’ve found that wide leg pants are super easy to style and flattering on any body type, so if you haven’t incorporated them in your wardrobe yet, I highly highly recommend! Unfortunately this pair is no longer available online, but I linked a few different options below (all from Forever 21 and all super affordable!!).