My 2019 Resolutions

Happy New Years guys!!! I can’t believe it’s already January and we’re back at the start of another year. The time went by so quickly! In the recent past years, I made resolutions to help me plan for the new year. They were little promises that I made to myself and then I would have monthly reminders/check-ins to track my progress and keep myself accountable. I’m proud to say that over the last few years, I've made great progress on all my resolutions and even managed to hit a couple goals early on in the year! If I do happen to meet a goal sooner, I just swap it out for a new one (constantly striving for improvement over here, guys). In an effort to connect and share more with you guys, I figured why not put down all my 2019 resolutions in a blog post? I usually set three goals so I cover all my bases, I can zero in on what I need to do to achieve them and it’s easy to manage. I like to do one professional, one personal and then one other of any nature. Depending on what I’ve got going on that year, maybe I’ll add one or two short term goals…whatever works for you! So here we go for 2019…


Resolution #1

Create content consistently.

I definitely saw overall growth during the last year, but if I’m being completely honest, it wasn’t as much as I would have liked. The industry of blogging is ever-changing (as is the Instagram algorithm haha), so progress will never be a simple upwards curve, but there is definitely room for improvement for me. Time was a huge factor that held me back this past year, or rather the idea that I don’t have enough time. I have about a million things to do on a daily basis (including a full time job) outside of blogging, but I realized that’s never going to change. If it’s important enough to me (and it is), I will make the time for it. I spent more time being frustrated and obsessing over low engagement, low numbers and slow growth than I did actually creating. I focused all my energy on trying to create content that is perfect, or worrying about not having the right equipment/tools/knowledge to make my content stand out….which resulted in way less content. Not only was it counterproductive, but it added to my frustration. So this year, I will strive to create content that is interesting and engaging…not perfect. I will post often and worry less about numbers. I will focus on being honest and relatable, because chasing perfection will get me no where.

Resolution #2

Stop putting things off.

I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator in the truest form. I’m pretty efficient and overall I think I’m good about getting things done that are urgent/necessary. However, there are certain mundane and/or non-urgent tasks that I will put off forever and ever and ever. I think it stems from my need to cross things off my to-do list. I like to do things that I know I can finish by the end of the day (i.e. laundry, make dinner, work out…easy errands). Anything that I know is going to be complicated and time consuming, a long term project or just downright uninteresting gets pushed down the priority list. Perfect example: my license expired months ago, but I have yet to go to the DMV because uggggh who wants to go to the DMV!? It hasn’t been a problem yet, but it will catch up with me eventually and then I’ll be kicking myself for not taking care of it. Also my husband will not let me hear the end of it, guaranteed. I do it to myself! I’ve also realized that this perpetual list of to do’s is a source of anxiety for me. I can never fully relax because I have this guilty voice in my head telling me I could be using my downtime to be more efficient and get things done. So in an effort to be more organized and less stressed, I’ve decided to keep a monthly goals list in addition to my daily to-do’s. This will allow me to put a deadline on finishing undesirable tasks and help me chip away at long term projects. It’s not a fool-proof solution but hopefully it will help push me in the right direction!

Resolution #3

Focus on money management.

Neither my husband or I are big spenders. We’re pretty reasonable when it comes to shopping, we don’t have extravagant hobbies…and yet somehow, at the end of every month we’re always wondering "Where did all the money go?”. If there’s one thing I learned in my twenties, it’s how expensive it is to be an adult and…alive. Cost of living is expensive, going out with friends is expensive, eating out is expensive…how does anybody save anything in this day and age?? We don’t live paycheck to paycheck, but we’re also not putting away tons and tons of money each month. We’re at that age where we want to start planning ahead for the future (new cars, a house, kids, etc) and it’s never to early to start saving. The most impactful financial realization I’ve had, is just how quickly the little things add up. You think it’s just $20 here, $45 there, okay $100 on this but just this one time….then it’s someone’s birthday and you have to send a wedding gift to your other friends…..what’s that? The car battery needs to be replaced? UGH. I think the key to money management is foresight. Knowing that there are certain things that you will have to spend money on, outside of bills, and working backwards from there to prioritize what you need vs. what you want. So for example, if you know you have an out of town wedding coming up that’s going to involve travel, hotel and a gift…maybe ease up on eating out the rest of the month and try not to cave in when those cravings for Din Tai Fung hit (real life scenario guys haha). It’s all a balancing act. Thinking we’re not going to “spend extra money” on any given month just isn’t realistic. Things come up and honestly, we have to enjoy life a little. But one thing that I’ve found to be really helpful when trying to cut back on unnecessary spending is checking my credit card balance at the end of every week. That way I have a mental check of where I’m at in my monthly spending goal and depending on where in the month it is, I can either talk myself out of the unnecessary online shopping, or treat myself if I’m way below my limit. It’s not a perfect science, but the little reminders help along the way and it’ll feel really great to move a chunk of money over into savings every month. Here’s to hoping!!!

I hope you guys enjoying reading my resolutions and it inspires you to set some for yourself! I think we all start off the new year hopeful and motivated thinking “this year is going to be different”, but somewhere along the way, we all tend to settle into our comfortable routines. My resolutions are reminders to myself that small changes overtime can have big results and that things can be different if you try hard enough.

Mood for 2019: Progress over perfection

Happy new year my loves!!