Street Style - 1/8/18

You may or may not have noticed from my early morning instastories, but I've recently stepped my game up with my fitness (shout out to Orange Theory for keeping me going). I've always been pretty healthy...I danced a lot throughout high school, well into college and even a few years after. I started running a lot about three years ago and everything was great, but then I got married....oh good lord. I got SO lazy after getting married (not proud). To be fair, I was just thoroughly enjoying married life and not having to deal with long distance anymore. The gym was the last thing on my mind...and after all the hard work I put in for the year leading to our wedding, I convinced myself that every cheat meal was just long overdue. We also were traveling a lot so I was eating and drinking my way through each vacation without really thinking about the consequences. It wasn't until this last year that I felt like it all caught up to me. It was kind of sudden, I woke up one day and realized that nothing fit the same....and I was NOT happy. Needless to say, I started to change the way I was dressing in order to feel more comfortable in my *new* skin, and even though I would normally love high waisted pants, crop tops and more fitted dresses, there was no way I was reaching for any of those any time soon. Fast forward a couple years and I've finally found a balance and developed a habit of working out every day. As is with all good things, they take time...and I recently have started to look and feel like myself again. If you know me, you know my mantra: weight is a feeling, not a number. The scale can be deceiving...just because you're 100 lbs doesn't necessarily mean you're at your healthiest weight. And people often forget that muscle is HEAVY, weighing more than you expected could mean that you're just really freaking strong (go YOU!). So who cares what the scale says, if you feel confident and are happy with the way you look, then THAT is your goal weight. Anyyywayyy, fast forward to present day. I was a little apprehensive picking out this little sweater after avoiding all things cropped for so long, but I figured what the hell, I feel good so why not? When I opened the package from Tobi and tried it on, I was so happy I had decided on it. I've seriously been wearing this little number non stop. I love the distressed detail and the fact that I can show off a little of my waist (which I've been working very hard for haha), while still keeping the look super casual. The joggers are also from Tobi (high waist for the win!) and is another piece on high rotation currently. This outfit is perfect for achieving a threw-it-together-last-minute, effortless look. Sneakers are a must for Monday's (especially rainy ones), but I wouldn't say no to swapping them out for some heels in the evening! I linked the exact pieces from Tobi below, but I added a few other styles for you guys so you can re-create this look in your own way!