White Dresses After Labor Day

Summer is coming to an end, kiiind of. It's already September (how did that happen!?) but the heat doesn't seem to show any signs of easing up any time soon, so I'm embracing every second of summer we have left. I discovered this maxi dress when browsing the Forever 21 website (as I so often find myself doing) and knew immediately I needed to have it. Whoever decided no white after Labor Day was a thing, obviously had not ever seen this dress.

I absolutely adore the border work and the fit. I'm a sucker for any kind of high slit, and the tie-front + flouncy sleeve combo fit much better on me than I thought. Although this dress is now sold out (insert crying face here), I've linked a bunch of post-Labor Day white maxi dresses that you can defy fashion rules with! Links are below :) 

P.S. Does anyone really know why you can't wear white after Labor Day!? I'll definitely need to Google that later!