Bride to Be Gift Guide

Is it just me, or does it seem like "wedding season" is just all year long now? It feels like my husband and I have become professional wedding guests over the last year and a half. Luckily, the experience will come in handy for today's particular post! I got a bunch of feedback from my instastories a little while back, asking what kind of new content you wanted to see from me, and one of the requests was for a bridal gift guide. Ask and you shall receive, ladies. This post is a little lengthy, so feel free to skim down to the shopping links, although I hope you decide to read the whole thing :).

I've rounded up some items that I think would be perfect for a bride-to-be. I thought about what I wanted/needed around my wedding and what were some of my most used gifts, so I hope you ladies find it helpful! 

1. French Press + Mug Set: One of the BEST gifts I got at my bridal shower (which ironically I did not register for) was a french press plus a matching mug set. One mug had my first initial on it and the other, my husbands. This is my most used wedding gift, without a doubt. I use it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. The mugs are a great jumpstart to a newly-wed kitchen and I can guarantee both bride and groom will need caffeine after the planning, wedding, honeymoon, traveling, partying and moving. If your bride-to-be doesn't drink coffee, don't worry! There are tons of beautiful traditional tea pots and glass tea infusers...or you can just get some really beautiful monogrammed mugs. 

2. Cheese Board + Accessories: Another gift that I got and didn't realize how much I would actually use was my cheese board. This is a newly wed essential in my opinion. There's something about having a big marble cheese board that just makes you feel like a real adult (even when you decide wine & cheese is an adequate meal replacement for dinner). I can guarantee any newly-wed couple will get great use out of it...whether it's just at home to share a quick snack, a mini charcuterie board before heading out for date night or entertaining when people come to visit! Hint: charcuterie boards can also be doubled as serving trays!! If there's already a cheese board on the registry, there are a ton of cute charcuterie accessories you can add on to personalize the gift a little. 

3. Luxury Candles: I've never met a bride...or a girl for that matter, who doesn't love candles. But obviously the gift has to match the occasion, so any old candle just won't do. I say go luxury for your bride-to-be and she will thank you for it! I still remember the scent of the first candle we bought after we moved into our first apartment.  Any time I smell it, I'm taken back to our first night living together. We had made dinner, were sleeping on an air mattress in the family room (because none of our furniture had arrived yet) and were too tired from all the unpacking to hang our TV, so it was still on the floor. We basically had a bootleg indoor picnic situation going on. It's such a distinct and fun memory that I'll never forget. I think I'll start keeping that candle in the house all the time, as a sweet reminder of that day. 

4. Dressing/Nighttime Robe: This one is a little obvious, but still such a good gift, and the options are endless! You can go the sexy route and get a delicate little lacy one, or you can get a soft and comfortable lounging robe that you can throw on over PJs (or something in between). I have a few different robes, but one of my favorites is actually one that I got as a bridesmaid gift. It's short, comfortable and not too delicate, so I can easily toss it in the washer without worrying about ruining it. Almost all brides get at least one robe that say "Bride" on it, but trust me, the charm wears off once your wedding is over. Your bride-to-be will be so happy to get a pretty robe that can add a little glam to her every day morning routine.

5. Wine + Champagne (or other bar-ware) Set: I know this sounds like something that is on literally every registry, but I've found that it's usually just a standard set of wine glasses. If you know that your bride-to-be has a preference of red or white, do some research and get glasses that are specific to her favorite type of wine (I didn't know until recently that reds and whites go in different glasses!). You can also get some really beautiful champagne flutes. Stemless glasses are also a great option because I've found they're better for every day, casual use. I have a set of gorgeous wine glasses that my parents gave me, but they are SO delicate. The glass is incredibly thin on the edges and I've already broken two, just from hand-washing them. Having a sturdier set that I can put in the dishwasher is key. If the couple you're shopping for is not particularly into wine, there are tons of other barware options to choose from (i.e. whiskey glasses, beer mugs, cocktail glasses, etc). 

6. Cozy Blanket/ThrowThere is nothing better than coming home to a big comfy couch and an even comfier throw. My husband and I always keep a big blanket or throw on our couch; it's perfect for an afternoon nap or to snuggle under and watch a movie. I don't know why, but it was one of my favorite things to buy for our place and I feel like it just completed our little living space. Any home could use a luxurious throw, whether it's on reserve for guests, on the couch for every day use, or an accessory to complete a master bedroom. I cant think of anyone who wouldn't love getting this as a gift. 

7. Duffel/Overnight Travel Bag: This was actually something I did not get, but wish I had. Having a really nice duffel bag to pack your essentials is so convenient. Purses just aren't big enough and sometimes carry-on suitcases are too big. I wish I had a nice duffel bag to take with me to my bachelorette, to pack for my wedding night, etc. Your bride-to-be will be able to pack her new bag with all the essentials for anything from her wedding day to her honeymoon and even impromptu weekend getaways! 

8. Slip Pillowcase: I recently got this as a gift and in hindsight, this would have been a GREAT bridal shower gift. Slip pillowcases are made out of silk and are supposed to help with acne, bedheads and just help you get great sleep in general. They're also ideal for traveling. I'm somewhat of a germaphobe, after having stayed in countless hotels for work trips over the last six years. and I love the idea of having my own pillowcase when I'm not at home. Any bride-to-be will love her slip pillowcase; it's the perfect way to enhance her beauty sleep before the big day! 

9. Set of Cookbooks: Whether your bride to be loves to cook, or has no idea how to cook, a set of good recipe books will always come in handy. If she's not too familiar with the kitchen, a simple step-by-step cookbook will be a great tool. For those brides who enjoy cooking, it's always nice to have a book to refer to for new, fancier recipes. There's also tons of books that are designed to make cooking a fun newlywed activity which I think are awesome because let's be real, it's the 21st century and cooking is not just the woman's job. 

10. Pajama Sets: It wasn't until we were moving into our current home and I was reorganizing, that I realized about 95% of my pajamas were old random t-shirts, mismatched shorts/pants and a plethora of items I had stolen from my husband. While I'm all for oversized sweats and comfy tees, sometimes it's nice to have a set of pajamas that you wouldn't be completely humiliated opening the front door in. I feel like most brides get a lot of lingerie, but normal, cute PJs never seem to make the cut. I think this would be a great gift and you can even go the extra mile and get a matching set for both the bride and groom!  

I hope this gave you guys some good ideas on what to get for your next upcoming wedding! And if you don't have any weddings coming up, why not just buy a little something for yourself instead? As always, thanks for reading!!