New Orleans Fairy Tale

Exactly two years ago today, I married my amazing husband and started a new chapter of my life. In honor of our two year wedding anniversary, it seemed only appropriate to share the story of how we met! We were basically babies when we met (only 22 years old) and both fresh out of college. Luck was on our side, because we found ourselves working at the same medical center...and even luckier, in the same office. Timing played a really interesting part in our relationship, as the day after our first date, Kartik found out he got accepted to medical school......all the way on the other side of the country. It was a short few months of getting to know each other and before I knew it, my new boyfriend was packing up his things and leaving for New Orleans, LA. Ironically, him leaving is where all the magic in our relationship started. 

I didn't understand how we were going to survive four long years of long distance, being in different cities, different schedules and different time zones...but I knew I was all in and I wanted to make it work. Fast forward a couple months, Kartik was all settled into his new home and we were desperately trying to figure out a new rhythm for our long distance relationship. Being a medical student didn't leave much free time in Kartik's schedule, so it was pretty much up to me to make time to visit, otherwise we'd only see each other a few times a year. In those first few months, I often wondered why we got stuck in this position and would so get frustrated thinking about what a long road we had ahead of us. Fast forward to my first visit ever to New Orleans: after just a few hours in the city, I knew that this LDR was a blessing. 

When people say there's no place in the country like New Orleans, believe me...they are not lying. The city is so full of life, culture, art, amazing cuisine/cocktails and most importantly, jazz. Even though my trips were short-lived and spread apart, every second of every visit was pure magic. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I had found my prince and I was living in a New Orleans fairy tale (the Princess and the Frog anyone?! haha). As time went on, we fell in love in the city and with the city. The majority of our relationship was spent there and we had the most amazing time. The months in between of not seeing each other was quickly made up for in the days we spent walking around the French Quarter, trying amazing restaurants, exploring the Warehouse District, hanging out by the river, watching the parades and even experiencing our first Mardi Gras Ball. The spent we spent there and the amazing friends we made were priceless and only made us grow stronger. Fast forward again four years, and I found myself in the most beautiful hidden garden in the French Quarter, with my boyfriend down on one knee....and the rest is history! 

Below are some of my favorite shots from when K proposed and our engagement photos, all shot in the greatest city in the world! Enjoy!! 


Engagement Shoot