The Everyday Booties

I have this really bad habit of going straight for the heels when I'm shoe shopping. The higher the heel, the bigger my heart eyes. But seriously...there hasn't been a single day that I can recall where I've casually worn my stilettos to the grocery store. My shoe collection keeps getting bigger, but my need for good "every day" shoes remains. Don't get me wrong, I love a good six inch heel (especially since I'm barely pushing 5ft), and everyone knows the best part of fall/winter is aaaaaall the cute booties. But what to do when you're not a Kardashian and you don't wear your heels to run errands? Enter: the greatest chelsea boots I've ever owned. 

I'm always a little weary of shoes. I can't tell you the number of times I've tried on shoes at the store and they're perfect but after wearing them throughout the day, my feet are left achey and blistered. That was absolutely not the case with these shoes. They are so, so comfortable and I absolutely love the brown color (though it's available in a few other neutrals and black leather). I also recently wore these booties in Montreal in 30 degree weather and they kept my feet really warm. We did a lot of walking around and my feet were in heaven the whole time. 


Have you been to Montreal? It's a mini Paris. My husband and I went with a couple of our friends last month and we had the best time. It's so easy to forget you're in Canada because everyone speaks French. Old Montreal was my favorite because it had the tiny, narrow streets that took me straight back to Paris. Anyway, I'll be doing a travel guide on that soon since so many of you guys asked to see some more travel-related content. In the meantime, I'll leave you guys with my favorite Parisian-themed tee. I picked up this shirt from Anthropologie, but the brand that makes it is one of my favorites for graphic tees. I linked the exact shirt and another similar one below. The image thumbnail shows a different shirt, but if you click the link and select the maroon color you'll see it! The second shirt has the same graphic but only in the navy color. But by all means, feel free to browse every color--they're all super cute!