Seven Must-Have Winter Products

I wanted to share with you guys a few of the products that I've been reaching for daily, now that the weather has turned a little cooler and the holidays are upon us. All of these products are incorporated into my beauty routine already, but as of lately they've been my everyday go-to's! Not only will these guys help you pamper yourself through the winter, but most of them would also make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for any of the lucky ladies in your life! 


I've found myself grabbing my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream over my usual foundation lately. It's great for everyday use with just enough coverage and SPF included. It definitely shortens my getting ready time - I just squeeze a dime size on my fingertips and blend into my whole face until it's even. I just add a little bit of mascara and brows and I'm ready to head out the door. I set my face with the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. I use this year round (it's one of my favorites) but with the weather a little more cold and harsh, the dewy finish goes a long way. Plus, if you spray this after using highlighter....let's just say your Christmas tree won't be the only thing glowing! It's easy to forget about the rest of our bodies when we're so focused on protecting the skin on our face, which is why I love this Jergens oil infused coconut moisturizer. It's so hydrating and keeps my whole body from getting super dry and chapped. I just apply it all over after the shower and I don't have to worry about feeling dry the rest of the day! 


These are two of my favorite holiday scents. They're a little musky and heavy, with the deepest long-lasting fragrance that make you want to cozy up by a fire. I've been a little burned out on traditional holiday scents (i.e. anything spiced, cinnamon or pine scented) so these are a great option. The Jazz Club Replica perfume's description is actually "heady cocktails and cigars", which basically sounds like the ideal holiday party to me. The Joya candle in Foxglove reminds me just enough of wintergreen pines mixed with some spiced wine....but sweeter. It's the perfect candle to burn during the holidays. Plus, the green color and 24K gold trim will no doubt match your holiday decor. 


The volume in my hair always takes a hit towards the end of the year. It's probably a combination of me wearing hats/beanies, less bouncy natural frizz from the heat (and beach) and when the winds pick up, the static in my hair is unreal. It sticks to my head like it's been superglued there and I hate it! Luckily, Oribe has an easy one-step solution. This thick dry finishing spray is great for volume but also for a little texture. It's the perfect product for adding a little oomph to your hair on the daily and is a definite must when styling your hair. The texture it adds keeps your hair from being too silky and slippery (like mine is) and will hold the styling better. Perfect for all those holiday parties you'll be attending! 


I know when someone says "holiday lip" you probably immediately think bright red....but red doesn't go with everything does it? This Dose of Colors liquid matte lipstick in Stone is just enough dusty rose and just enough nude that it can go with pretty much anything. I find that the pigment of it is just dark enough that you can still get away with it if you're going for a simple, no-makeup look but it's also the perfect compliment to a bold smokey eye. Just be sure to keep some chapstick handy to put on over because the Dose of Colors formula can be a little drying. 

Hopefully you girls found these products helpful, or at the very least got some ideas for gifts! Thanks for reading and happy holidays ladies!!