Blouse of the Season

We are now six days into December and my Christmas tree still isn't fully decorated, I haven't started my shopping (despite my big plans to be done by the 10th), my to-do list seems to have grown exponentially in the last week and it seems like all of LA is on fire. Again. So much for the stress-free, cozy, super efficient holiday season I was planning to have! But in the spirit of being a glass-half-full kind of person, I think a little craziness never hurt anyone. And if I'm being totally honest, I guess it wouldn't really be the holidays without a hectic schedule and people flipping you off in the parking lot at the mall, ya know? 

I kind of enjoy the holiday madness. It's "fun" stress. Like I-need-to-run-to-the-mall-and-shop-while-sipping-my-latte-and-wearing-a-cute-sweater stress....not real adult stuff, like being behind on errands and having reports pile up at work (which I also have). In any case, I'm trying to take in every ounce of the season, good and bad, and coming to terms with the fact that I probably won't get everything done on time. It makes things a lot more fun that way. But don't worry - I promise to still get it together long enough to get some holiday looks on the blog! Stay tuned! 


In other unrelated, non-stressful news: this blouse. It's from the Who What Wear Collection at Target (duh) and I literally had heart eyes when I saw it. I usually stray away from anything with a high neck but this one actually has juuuust the right height. Not so high that it makes me look like I have no neck, but just enough to make a statement. Also can we talk about the color? And the pattern? Heart eyes again. 

Needless to say this blouse can be worn with anything: jeans, slacks (for work), skirts, cropped trousers and a coat....the options are endless. Also, the emerald green totally gives me holiday feels so expect to see it again before the year ends! 

Shopping links to the exact blouse are below, plus some other options to re-create this whole look. The bag I have is an Alexander Wang from a few years ago which I wasn't able to find online anywhere, but I linked a few other options that are similar!