On Trend and Off the Shoulder

I feel like I'm really late to the off the shoulder/cold shoulder trend. I know it's been a big thing for a long time, but I just realized that I only have maybe one or two off the shoulder pieces in my closet. Weird. Especially because I really love the way it looks and always admire a good OTS. I remember back in the day in college when I used to take old t-shirts and cut the neck line so it would hang loose and off the shoulder. Who knew I was setting trends in sweatpants and with a pair of scissors!? HA. Also...does anyone remember those OTS ponchos that were trending in the early 2000's? I distinctly remember swooning over one in particular, it was baby yellow and white stripes...and it had tassels at the bottom (#winning). OH the good old college days. I always thought I looked so good, but fast forward about 8-10 years years and I'm floored at why I left the house looking the way I did. 

Thankfully I don't need to worry about that happening with this particular sweater. It's just enough trend but still a pretty classic sweater in my opinion. I like that it's super slouchy and asymmetrical at the bottom. It almost gives the illusion of it being half tucked in when I wear it with jeans (that's usually how I wear longer shirts and sweaters), without having to worry about it actually coming untucked. The neckline is also cut just right so that it'll hang perfectly off the shoulder without hanging too much or completely falling off. 

This one in particular was sent to me by Tobi and it has quickly become my favorite sweater. I am 100% planning to order this in every color that they offer it in. It's that good. Imagine the outfit possibilities with this sweater in black, white AND red!! Swoooooon. Expect to see this sweater on repeat well into spring.