Fall Color Crush

There is nothing funnier in this world than watching guys listen to girls talk about names of colors. Think about it: how often have you referred to a color as "purple" or "red"? It's always eggplant, mauve, dusty rose, teal, cherry, cobalt blue, marigold......you get it. Most of the times when I'm trying to explain colors to my husband he tunes me out half way through.

Don't even get me started on the discussion we had to have when I was picking out colors for my bridesmaids during our wedding. It was a tangerine, peach, orangey-coral with a salmon undertone.....My husband legit thought I was talking about a meal for more than half that conversation. I understand. I'm annoying. But also, guys just don't get it. The importance of shades of blue and the difference between dusty rose and mauve is entirely lost on them. Pity. 

In other news, I'm currently crushing on this pretty lil color here. How perfect is it for fall? Is it Rust? Amber? Burnt orange? WHO KNOWS. But it's not orange, that's for damn sure. But you already knew that didn't you? 

Photos by  David Cano

Photos by David Cano

The only thing I would note about this jumpsuit is that it wrinkles pretty easily. I probably should have run a steamer over it before I shot it, but oh well! I would recommend wearing it somewhere where you're not going to be sitting in the car forever beforehand. No one wants to show up to holiday parties all wrinkled, am I right? 

Okay on to the important stuff: I linked the exact jumpsuit below (you're gonna die when you see how much it cost). The shoes are pretty old, but I linked a few options to match your new tangerine, rust, amber, burnt orange, no-idea-what-it's-called-but-literally-reminds-me-of-fall-orange jumpsuit. Hope this outfit inspires you to get ready for all things pumpkin spice (sorry) and Thanksgiving!!!!