Dressing for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving eve is upon us you guys. I seriously can't believe it!! I'm currently making cooking schedules in my head while refraining from playing Christmas music....but I am eating peppermint bark. I'm not mentally prepared for Christmas juuuuust yet. I still need a weekend of lounging in PJs, lots of Black Friday sales and eating tons of leftovers. 

I sometimes wonder why Thanksgiving has to be a formal affair. I mean, with all the turkey and pie, wouldn't Thanksgiving just be way more fun in pajamas? I'm not sure if I can swing a new tradition just yet, but I found a happy medium for this year with this Zara dress. 

To be honest, I was actually at Zara because I was supposed to be buying a shirt for my husband but my head was seriously spinning with all the good stuff they had! I couldn't resist a little browsing of my own. I have been beyond obsessed with velvet lately and if you know me at all, you know anything black is my jam. I love the embroidery at the bottom and the rich colors make it a perfect evening look. But the best part (besides the fact that it was under $40) is that it's basically a trendy moo-moo. You guys. It is SO comfortable. There is so much space under there for a second plate of food AND dessert. 

Comfortable, affordable and pretty. Check check and check!!! Click here for the shopping link to the dress! 


Happy Thanksgiving!!!