Product Review: NYX Lip Lingerie

It feels like I have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of brown for such a long time and I'm happy to say my search has FINALLY ended. NYX Lip Lingerie - Beauty Mark has seriously changed my life (yep, it's that good). Not only is it the exact color brown I have been looking for, but it goes on like a dreeeeam. The one thing I hate about matte lipstick is that it can be very, very drying. Gross. Nobody likes flaky lips. And the only thing worse than lipstick that dries out your lips is expensive lipstick that dries out your lips. But with the NYX Lip Lingerie, that is totally not the case. Not only is it super smooth and hydrating, but the price point on this baby is only $7.00. dollars? Are you kidding?! Give me one in each color please!! Did I mention it's available at pretty much any drug store? I picked mine up at CVS on impulse when I was supposed to be buying deodorant haha. This is 100% going to be my daily go-to. It is long lasting, but actually comes off when you wash your face, so you're not still wearing your lipstick the next morning. Quality, affordability and availability...what else could you ask for?? Go get some, you can thank me later!