Tis the season for velvet

Alright. So the holidays are over, as is the first week of the year (almost). Whuuuuut. How did that happen!? I don't know about you guys, but I like to bring the lingering holiday cheer into the new year with me to jump start January. It makes the post-holiday blues and getting back to work a little less depressing. In the spirit of that (and also because I got so caught up with the holidays that I failed to get this look up by Christmas as planned), I'm sharing this fun holiday-inspired look on the blog today! It basically combines my two favorite trends from 2016: off the shoulder and velvet. I looooove velvet. Gimme all the velvet things.

Seriously, how much do we love this top!? The deep jade green looks good on literally anyone and the velvet gives it that little extra something to make it just fancy enough. I admittedly over-wore this during December. I wore it with casual denim, white jeans, with red lips, with flats, with heels......you get the picture. I think it may be time to retire this blouse for a while, but I'll leave these pictures below for you guys to enjoy! Shopping link for the blouse is below, aaaand it's 40% off!!!

Socialite - Off the Shoulder Crushed Velvet Top. Shop the top HERE!