Hymn for the Weekend

So Coldplay recently came out with a new video, and what do you know, it was shot in India! What a nice surprise. And on top of that, Beyonce and Sonam Kapoor even made an appearance. It's definitely an interesting concept, though I'm not sure I fully understand it's connection to the song. Either way, Coldplay has come out with another great song, Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous (per usual) and Beyonce is out there doing things no one would expect.

I won't say I'm offended by any means by this video. I think people have a different interpretation of culture and it's always interesting to see your roots through another artistic point of view. BUT, I'm not going to be alllll excited that people are finally starting to notice Bollywood, or India in general. I was raised on the beauty of India. It is what I've always known. The colors, the music, the food, the smells (good and bad), the crowded streets, friendly strangers, hot chai, hotter weather, beautiful clothes, elaborate weddings....I have yet to find a culture so rich. So while it's nice to have that recognition and portrayal in the entertainment industry (however one chooses to interpret that video), it's not a "new concept" and the credit doesn't go to Queen B. Those of us who know, have known for a very long time what a beautiful place India is. The rest of you are just late to the party. Yes, even you Beyonce. 

Thanks to The Cut/NY Mag for the tip! More on their article here