Silver Sundays

Girls will never say no to two things: online shopping and free jewelry. Well ladies fear no more, because I'm here to ensure you get both of those things. Remember when I told you guys that I teamed up with Rocksbox? Well I recently got my first shipment and boy was it cuuuute. I couldn't wait to style it and share with you! 

My first box included a statement necklace, a ring and some earrings. I normally don't wear much silver, but how do you resist a necklace like that?? The pieces complemented each other perfectly and were great to wear together. The necklace was the perfect accessory to a casual summer outfit for dinner with some girlfriends. On the flip side, the ring and earrings were simple yet stylish, great to be worn day or night...definite must haves for any wardrobe.

Aaaand now on to the good stuff: how to get some cute pieces for yourself! All you have to do is head over to Rocksbox and use the code: alittleindiaxoxo when you sign up to get one month free! You can start building your wish list right away and before you know it, you'll have some gorgeous jewels at your doorstep. Spread the word to all your girlfriends and don't forget to include the code! Happy styling! 

Outfit details: skirt/top - boutique (unknown), sunnies - Stella McCartney, purse - souvenir from Italy (will be sharing more about it soon), sandals - Forever 21