Summer Blues

Can we talk about the weather for a second? What. Is. Going. On. Where is the sunshine!! The only time I enjoy this kind of humidity is when I'm in my favorite city, New Orleans, sipping on an iced coffee and strolling down Magazine Street. Seriously, this humidity has caused me to avoid wearing anything remotely tight or touching my skin in any way. Enter: this maxi dress. It's loose, light and airy and has the cutest back detail. I love maxi dresses because 1. They're so comfortable and easy to wear 2. You can stay cool in them without having to compromise style and 3. Hello? I don't have to shave my legs. HAHA kidding...(kind of). You tell me what's not to love about it.

Details below! 

Dress: Diane's Beachwear  

Shoes: Forever 21

Purse: Halston Heritage 

Sunglasses: Vintage Serengeti Aviators (stolen from my dad)