All About 30

I love birthdays. And anyone who tells you they don't is lying to themselves (and to you). For me, birthdays mean quality time with loved ones, presents...and most importantly, cake. What's not to love? So when my sister recently turned 30, throwing a chic, garden themed birthday party seemed like the only appropriate thing to do.

For those of you who don't know, my big sis is one of my most favorite humans on this planet. When our best friend and I set out to plan her birthday, we made sure everything had to be perfect. To bring our theme to life, we started with some large, vintage accent pieces that could be functional but also decorative (wooden table, garden chairs, bar cart, etc). Those would be our "starting blocks". From there, we accessorized with lots of bright flowers, candles/string lights (it was an outdoor evening party, so accent lighting would be key) and personalized touches in the decor and the food. 

For the food we decided to go with homemade appetizers, but with a twist! We paired our apps with either beer or wine to blend the flavors...rather than having a random grouping of food and drinks. We kept out infused water to keep our party goers hydrated and cool, and had an array of desserts ranging from mini cupcakes to sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Champagne and cake was a given. Duh. 

Overall the night was a total success and my sister had an amazing time. Here's a few snapshots of some of my favorite details!  

What are some of your favorite party planning tips/tricks or themes? Share with me!!!