Denver Daze

In the list of my favorite things in life, vacations and weddings are really high up there. Like who doesn't love vacationing? And in the air, closest friends and family gathered, dancing, dressing up....there's no reason not to love it. 

I was in Denver this past weekend for a wedding of two close friends and it was by far one of the best I've been to in a while. The wedding was so well planned and beautiful. It was so evident that the bride put thought into every last detail and kept her guests in mind. Not only did we have an amazing time at the wedding itself, but exploring Denver with my dude was pretty awesome too. 

I'm not big on cold weather and snow, but Denver always seems to be sunny no matter how cold it is. As a result, the snow melts pretty quickly and it's easy to get around and explore. We spent a good amount of time wandering around Downtown Denver and it had a really cool vibe. The tall buildings and eclectic architecture, mountains peeking out in the background and active culture make for a great potential place to live (especially for young professionals who want to get out and get active). 

A few places I definitely recommend checking out if you're ever in Denver: 

1. Larimer Square  - Lots of shopping, dining and entertainment. Not a long walk but tons of great places to check out along the way....and did I mention it's draped in dangly lights? Cuuuuuute! 

2. Osteria Marco - Awesome Italian place on Larimer St. We stopped in for appetizers and drinks. I highly recommend the chef's assortment of cheeses and whole grilled artichoke. Drink's wise, the Cucumber Lavender Rickey was incredible. Probably one of the best cucumber cocktails I've ever had. We didn't try anything else, but I promise the whole menu looked swoon-worthy! 

3. Hotel Teatro - If you're not already staying there, it's definitely worth stopping by for a drink or a coffee in the hotel bar. I  absolutely loved the vibe and decor in the lobby. Plus, there's nothing like a cozy couch and some bubbly to help you recover from 16 degree weather. 

4. Union Station - Recently renovated and reopened in February of 2014, Union Station is an awesome spot for hanging out with friends, going on a date or even getting a change of scenery for work/studying. They have everything from coffee shops, ice cream parlors, different restaurants, bookstores and shuffleboard tables...and to top it off it's a fully operating train station too. Functional and pretty! The best.  

Do you have any favorite spots to visit?

Denver, I will definitely be back!

(But probably in the spring because I was born and raised and socal and 16 degree weather is not my thing.)