Back to Basics

I am all about comfort. There's nothing I love more than coming home and throwing on a pair of sweatpants. Seriously. I also have realized that my style has evolved over time to allow me to be as comfy as possible, without compromising the look. I can't be in jeans for more than 4 hours at a time. It's a problem. 

H&M is one of my all time favorites when I'm looking for versatile pieces that can be worn often and can be easily mixed and matched. You can always depend on H&M Basics to be affordable, good quality and stylish . This whole look below is one of my favorites (I'm also trying to squeeze in as much black as I can before spring officially starts). Oversized sweatshirt was $18 and leggings $10, all from H&M Basics. Hello! This look for $30!? Talk about a steal. Throw in a few of your favorite accessories to dress it up a little and you're good to go! 

Chic, comfortable, cheap...and no sweatpants break required (p.s. top knots are also always a good idea). 

Fun fact: The necklace below I purchased while in New Delhi, India last November from a young girl selling handmade jewelry on the side of the street. Love supporting locals and those in need! 

Can't wait to see what H&M has in store for spring!