Mardi Gras
Sneak peek of our engagement pictures // St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter 

Sneak peek of our engagement pictures // St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter 

Mardi Gras was on Tuesday. Did you know that? Most people think it's just a week long, drunken affair...but Mardi Gras is actually a day. It was Tuesday. I'm a few days late, but Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!

Mardi Gras is actually French for "Fat Tuesday", which simply put, is a reference to the last day of eating all the fattening food you want before fasting for Lent. In that case, my life is a long series of Fat Tuesdays and I never seem to get to the fasting part. Seriously. 

That being said...I have for you a list of some (but by no means all) of my absolute favorite restaurants in New no particular order. In my opinion, these are some of the restaurants that capture the eclectic culture of NOLA. Each restaurant has it's own distinct flavor, history and will keep you coming back for more. If you're ever in the area, these ones are definitely worth checking out! 

  1. Baru ($$) - Caribbean/Latin fusion, tapas and small plates
  2. Taceaux Loceaux ($) - Mexican, food truck, follow their Twitter for their current location
  3. Italian Barrel ($$$) - Italian, small spot, romantic and perfect for dinner for two
  4. Cibugnu ($$) - Italian, another fun date-night spot, pastas are handmade in house daily 
  5. Magasin Cafe ($) - Vietnamese, street side cafe, no corking fee for BYOB 
  6. District ($) - Donuts, Sliders, Brews and literally can't go wrong. 
  7. Domenica ($$) - Italian, awesome pizza and creative dishes, John Besh restaurant
  8. Cochon Butcher ($$) - Sandwich shop, around the corner from Cochon restaurant, awesome daily specials
  9. Satsuma Cafe ($$) - Great for breakfast/brunch, veggie & vegan options, fresh squeezed juices, street-side tables 
  10. Carmo ($$) - Tropical influence, vegetarian options, open kitchen, great if you're looking for something different 
  11. Seed ($) - Vegan, garden based, innovative menu (their cashew queso will blow your mind!!) 
  12. Pizza Delicious ($) - In my opinion the best pizza I've had in NOLA, casual OTC service, awesome story behind it...they used to be a pop up restaurant. Full story here

Happy eating and feel free to share your recommendations with me! I'd love to hear them!