Winter Wedding Wear

Winter Wedding Wear

Winter weddings, in my opinion, are really tough. Especially if the wedding is in a place where winter is a real season (a.k.a. not Southern California). Sadly, sweatpants and a big scarf are not appropriate wedding attire, so it requires a little more thought. Ladies, we're just not as fortunate as guys....a suit and coat won't work for us. Dresses are pretty much the only option. So what do you wear to a winter wedding?  

I have a wedding coming up next month in Denver, CO and temps will most likely be in the 40's with a chance of snow. Needless to say the wedding will be indoors (I hope). I happened to find a beautiful dress a few months back and I think it's a perfect fit. The dark navy base of the dress dials down the summer tones, but is still elegant and fun with the floral pattern on top. The subtle hints of yellow in the dress allow for some fun accessorizing as well. I went for a mid-length dress, rather than a maxi. Floor-length floral dresses scream "summer maxi dress" to me. Too short of a dress isn't appropriate for a wedding anyway, but something fancier that's floor-length may begin to feel too much like a gown ( I right!?)

This dress by LC Lauren Conrad is well balanced, perfect for the occasion and not overly priced! I found it at Kohl's a while ago, but it may still be available in the store or online (I haven't checked). I plan on pairing it with some bright yellow shoes, some gold accessories and my favorite clutch (in gray). I'm still on the hunt for a nice coat to wear over (just in case we go outside), but I'll keep you guys posted on my finds! 

Let me know what you guys think!!