White Noise

White Noise

I travel for work. A lot. I'm talking like, an average of eight trips a month, a lot. I stay in the SoCal/western region as much as I can...but I still do a fair amount of flying despite that. I'm not sure if it's the long security lines, rushing to the gate, or waiting in the terminal for hours on end (damn you, delayed flights)...but there is a very specific kind of tired I feel the morning after waking up from a long day (or week) of travel. My fiancé, being the genius and thoughtful man he is, got me the perfect Christmas gift this year to solve my tiredness problems: Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Canceling Headphones.  

Let me explain. The majority of flying I do is for single-day trips, meaning I'm flying to and from somewhere in the same day. This means getting up at 3am to get to the airport on time to catch a 6am flight. Brutal. To allow myself enough time for work, I usually take the last flight out for the day, which means suuuuper long days and not nearly enough sleep. That being said, I do most of my napping on the airplane (I'm too scared to sleep at the gate for fear of missing my flight haha). I'm going to assume you've been on an airplane at least once in your life and will agree that it is not an ideal napping situation. It's uncomfortable, cold and LOUD.  I took my new headphones for a spin on my day trip up north yesterday and was hoping to get more restful sleep with all the noise blocked out. They did not disappoint.

If you don't want to read the rest of this post, I will summarize by saying I would definitely recommend them to fellow-travelers. While they are a little pricey, they get the job done and are comfortable. 

A more detailed review of the pros/cons in a few bullet points below: 

  • Noise-canceling feature is an on/off switch, so you can use it as necessary. It's incredibly effective in drowning out the annoying rumble of the jets, allowing for a quieter flying experience. 
  • When I don't travel, I work from home...so these are also great for that. I need quiet in order to concentrate, but I'm still able to hear just enough background noise that I'm not totally oblivious to my surroundings. Still able to hear the doorbell, phone ringing, etc. 
  • The noise-canceling feature requires batteries, which can be a possible negative if they die. They do come with batteries, so keep an extra pair of AA's on hand, just in case. 
  • Cost is about $300, which can be expensive depending on how often you will use them. For a seasoned traveler or someone who needs quiet when working/studying, it's worth the investment in my opinion. 
  • They have a clean and sleek look them (mine are white). White could get potentially get dirty faster, but a quick wipe down with some rubbing alcohol/disinfectant wipes should keep them nice. Or you can opt for the black ones. 
  • You can get the case (sold separately)...small, sleek design. The perfect size for just your headphones and accessories. Could easily fit in a briefcase or large purse. 
  • The over-ear padding is super comfortable and won't hurt after wearing them for extended periods of time.  

Overall my experience was a positive one. I was able to sleep better and actually woke up today not feeling so drained (although that could just be the coffee talking). There's a ton of other reviews on Amazon (link above), so check those out too for other comparisons and options.

Tired eyes and grainy selfies after a long day of flying.

Tired eyes and grainy selfies after a long day of flying.

Happy travels!!